Recent Amazing PDF Merge reviews

  • 30.1.2023

    Thank you is an understatement. This extension was extremely helpful, easy to install, simple and intuitive to use. Thank you, thank you, thank you…

  • 9.8.2022

    I met this chrome extension accidently, Its an amazing software, zero processing time, it has become everyday PDF managing software. Love it so much. Thank You

  • 9.6.2022

    Better than the other “free” options (which are NOT free, turns out). The instructions are a little spare but with simple trial and error works just fine. Did I mention it really is free? Very big files and lots of files can make it choke but don’t over stuff it and it works like a champ.

  • 3.5.2022

    Me funciono muy bien: 1 Elige tus archivos, en 2 Realizar fusión no indica cuando esta fusionado, pero al seleccionar 3 Guarda tu archivo y descargar, te das cuenta que si lo hizo… Lo que le falta es mayor dirección escrita

  • 12.4.2022

    Es tan sencillo de usar que resulta difícil, cuando das con como hacerlo es super fácil. a mi me ha sido muy útil y rapidisima.

  • 19.1.2022

    Con la prueba realizada me doy cuenta que es un gran aporte, me dejo sorprendido por la velocidad y la gran textura en el jpg resultante. Estimados amigos del TEAM, reciban mis sinceras felicitaciones por su gran aporte y confío que en las demás conversiones que llegue a utilizar del los grandes resultados mostrados.

  • 24.10.2021

    man this very useful if you want to convert to any format really we need like this software for school project and some office projects too

  • 9.9.2021

    Its my favourite pdf converter its so easy and convienient i use it for converting my school assignments!

  • 7.9.2021

    Well if someone is in love with You it is me :) Be well and continue to work like this and future is yours. Best of luck in the future ..

  • 19.5.2021

    I think this is a great extension FOR LINUX AND CHROMEBOOK USERS. I have tried many pdf editor apps for both OS and most of them are terribly bad. This is definitely the best app I have found and does most things that I often need, very easily and fast. It is a perfect replacement for the Adobe that exists for Mac and Windows. If you are a Mac or Windows user, there are many apps that do the same for free. So, in those cases I do not recommend it. I saw comments about receiving tons of emails. You can change that in the settings, it’s very easy! Just go to profile > email notifications > turn them off. Also, if you have the paid version there is no limit in the number of times you can use it per day. If you use a lot of PDF in Linux, then it’s worth the money.