Recent Amazing PDF Merge reviews : Page 2

  • 9.9.2021

    Its my favourite pdf converter its so easy and convienient i use it for converting my school assignments!

  • 7.9.2021

    Well if someone is in love with You it is me :) Be well and continue to work like this and future is yours. Best of luck in the future ..

  • 10.6.2021

    Just started using today but already love it. I had a hard time finding a PDF editor thats free that would split and merge a large PDF documents but this one does it! Plus i didnt have to download anything and i can access it right from the extension in my browser so awesome! And its actually free, unlike some pdf edits that say they are but they only do a certain size or they charge you once you try to down load the pdf. Not this tool! Its straight forward, fast and easy to use!

  • 19.5.2021

    I think this is a great extension FOR LINUX AND CHROMEBOOK USERS. I have tried many pdf editor apps for both OS and most of them are terribly bad. This is definitely the best app I have found and does most things that I often need, very easily and fast. It is a perfect replacement for the Adobe that exists for Mac and Windows. If you are a Mac or Windows user, there are many apps that do the same for free. So, in those cases I do not recommend it. I saw comments about receiving tons of emails. You can change that in the settings, it’s very easy! Just go to profile > email notifications > turn them off. Also, if you have the paid version there is no limit in the number of times you can use it per day. If you use a lot of PDF in Linux, then it’s worth the money.

  • 7.5.2021

    Excellent application, I recommend that it be available on the Microsoft Store, Microsoft Edge Extensions.

  • 23.3.2021

    es lo mejor que pude Heber encontrado, su manejo es sencillo ,no es para nada complicado te saca de apuros y las opciones que te ofrece son de mucha utilidad

  • 9.3.2021

    Es excelente para trabajar en la educación!!!!!. Permite varías acciones. Lo que le agregaría sería alguna marca de agua PEQUEÑA EN UNA DE LAS ESQUINAS INFERIORES, muy pequeña…. pero algo así para dar cuenta de que el pdf original ha sido editado y se mantenga el derecho de autor…. digo….

  • 16.12.2020

    During these times of no contact with our customers, this is a great way to send and receive documents needing signed. Works great for what we use it for - so thank you !

  • 10.12.2020

    Thank you so much for developing this kind of application. It really helped me a lot in my home works and summative assessments.

  • 28.11.2020

    excelente aplicación ahora puedo enviar varios archivos en una sola carpeta sin contratiempos yen proceso rapido gracias…