Recent Amazing PDF Merge reviews : Page 4

  • 27.6.2020

    In due minuti sono riuscito a fare cio’ che il mio programma (SODA PDF , che ho acquistato con dei bei quattrini) NON mi permetteva di fare.

  • 25.6.2020

    Es muy sencillo de usar, permite unir varios PDFs y variar el orden y luego fusionarlos en un documento. Funciona muy bien.

  • 23.6.2020

    Me ayudo mucho para poder unir los documentos PDF que tengo que presentar al MTC gracias . Atte. Sebastian Tours Cusco

  • 8.4.2020

    They got my back when i was a broke college kid and adobe acrobat was too expensive. Now i am a pennypincher and small pdf still got my back.

  • 27.3.2020

    Outstanding, simple and fast…. After wasting hours with other useless apps/extensions this one did exactly what they promised. So happy now

  • 8.3.2020

    من افضل برامج التحويل المجانية المتاحة حتى الان والتي تعمل على جوجل كروم ، وياريت نركز في كلمة المجانية والمتاحة حتى الان

  • 20.2.2020

    Super extension , but if you dont find what you need you shud try also PDF EDITOR

  • 11.12.2019

    Exactly what I needed!! The only thing I would change is the way the text boxes work. Sometimes it is hard to get back in to type. The circles to make it bigger or smaller get in the way sometimes. I’d also like to be able to better align the text box to the lines on the form. But seriously, those are such minor things that don’t impact the end result, and the program is still perfectly functional, and MUCH better than other programs I’ve tried. Thank you!!!!!

  • 8.12.2019

    Algún momento utilizaré esta herramienta, para leer, enterarme de algunos artículos que me puedan enviar. Herramienta que muy posible me facilitará la vida. Gracias por esto.

  • 11.10.2019

    Завантажив PDF, зкріпив з 3х файлів 1, видалив зайві сторінки. Все за 1 хвилину, зі встаовленням включно. Рекомендую